marți, 15 noiembrie 2011


I liked it very much as I was in theatre. Two days after, compiling a little what I saw on the screen, I did not like it quite so much.
The debut is a bit confused - in the first 20 minutes I was not clear which of the three plans in time we are. Then I started to understand the times and I was eager to see what happens. And I really had what to see: twists (as Shakespeare himself would have said) every 10 minutes, so that's why the story cached me me. I left quite satisfied that I had seen a good movie.
Then thinking on it ... I realized that it is not quite so . What I saw was a historic "thriller" that presented as certain a controversial theory (attention spoiler!): In fact someone else would have written Shakespeare’s plays, he was just a front.

Hypothesis is not new; everyone has heard it sometime. Just as we all heard that Elvis actually lives or that Americans did not really make it to the Moon - there's a movie about it, very well done, American of course, Capricorn One (1978). It impressed me very much when I was younger, only that so far I heard of nothing concrete to support this theory. At least in this movie they replaced Moon with Mars, so it were not quite so outspoken.
Returning to the subject a great asset of the film is the historical character, you are introduced in the backstage games related to a period the end of ruling for a British symbol, Queen Elizabeth I. The period’s turbulent atmosphere is rendered by the dark that (literally) dominate most of the film
 - most of the time you can distinguish only half of characters’ face (Rembrandt lighting, connoisseurs would say), which only increase the atmosphere of malevolent conspiracy that wanted to be suggested by the director. The most actors are unknown, except the young queen’s interpret that comes after two successful TV series Nip / Tuck (2003) and The Tudors (2007). Of course the part with "unknown" does not apply to Vanessa Redgrave, making this the perfect portrait of a queen who once was proud, heady and determined, but now, the passing years have reduced her to health problems and uncertainty, and prone to manipulation .
Strange choosing for building the character of supposedly real author, noble at the court of Queen, who in youth had been a towering knight, and now, in adulthood, as he exposed the work, seems on the brink of homosexuality.
 Of course, eventually we find out a new "twist" that let us to understand why. Sort of.
In conclusion, for those who remember the ad in question (it’s a Romanian one, I doubt it is known abroad), the movie was kind of "You know, that big, black, hard to breathe dude?
 .... Was his father, man! ". Well, the ad was about Star Wars, but the meaning is preserved somewhere.
Go to the movies and dare to contradict me

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